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Archive for March, 2011

I’ll Be Back April 4!

Hi readers,

As I mentioned to you late last year, blog posts on Small Bites would happen less regularly as I simultaneously complete my Dietetic Internship and expand my client base.  However, I have received several e-mails over the last week asking when I’ll be “back” (especially since I have mostly absent on Facebook and Twitter for two weeks).

I will be back on Twitter and Facebook — daily — on Monday, April 4.  Look out for a new blog post that day, too.

Thanks for the interest and support so many of you have shown; I’m extremely grateful!


Quick & Healthy Recipes: 100% Whole Wheat Hemp & Chia Seed Banana Bread Muffins

Here’s a random “fun fact” about me — whenever I come down with a cold (especially if it involves a wicked sore throat), I feel an intense need to bake.  Who knows why?  A desire to return to simpler times?  A little dose of self-love?  Or, maybe, it’s because if I ever get mopey about the fireball of glass shards in my throat, I can counter-balance that with “but I’ve got some killer baked goods on hand!”.

Yesterday, the baking compulsion specifically involved banana bread.  Not just any banana bread.  Oh no. I wanted to make a delectable vegan, 100% whole wheat, hemp and chia seed banana bread.  Yes, even when sick, I like a challenge.

As you can tell by this photograph (snapped minutes after the muffins were done), the challenge was met successfully.  Here’s the recipe!

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