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    Ah, Of Course… Strawberry FLAVOR

    Picture-64Kellogg’s Smart Start Strawberry Oat Bites promises “strawberry flavor in every bite”.  And, well, technically that’s correct.

    Here is what the ingredient list reveals:

    Strawberry flavored crunchlets (sugar, corn cereal, corn syrup, modified cornstarch, soybean oil, citric acid, glycerin, natural and artificial flavor, red #40, blue #1)

    Did you hear that?  That was the sound of consumers across the country getting a vicious processed-food slap across their faces.

    Sorry, Kellogg’s, the cutesy “crunchlets” term doesn’t take away from the fact that this cereal has as much in the way of real strawberries as a Big Mac.

    The actual cereal has whole grains as the first two ingredients, but it also contains Splenda (the latest trick to adding a jolt of sweetness while keeping sugar values low on the Nutrition Facts label).

    This, by the way, is considered one of the “healthier” big-food-company cereals.  Gulp.


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