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    Your Skin Deserves Top-Notch Ingredients, Too!

    300It’s quite interesting that some people who heavily scrutinize food labels are much more lax about the chemicals that lurk in the products they put on their lips and skin.  It wasn’t until recently that I started to give as much thought to what goes in my bathroom cabinet as I do to what is housed in my kitchen.

    Like the food industry, the beauty industry is home to plenty of hype and big-bucks advertising that doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with what is best for your body.

    Late last year, I met Adina Grigore, founder of Sprout Wellness, a small Brooklyn-based business that specializes in natural beauty products.  Adina was inspired to create her own skincare products due to a variety of allergies that ruled most commercial lines out.

    Adina sums up her company’s mission statement this way:

    “Sprout Wellness makes everything from scratch using only ingredients that you’ve heard of before. And you won’t have to pay a million dollars for them because they’re the same basic ingredients people have been using forever to keep their skin clear, shiny, happy, and really truly healthy. We make our products the same way they made it way back when, before petrochemicals and plastics and gold flakes were brought into the mix.”

    I have sampled some of her products over the past few weeks and am one satisfied customer.

    To check out all of Adina’s affordable and high-quality products, click here.  Dare you not to chuckle at the product descriptions!  I personally love the one that accompanies the facial cleanser:

    “You heard soap is too harsh for your face, so you bought a fancy non-soap cleanser. But guess what’s in that? Alcohol! Yes, it is. Go check. We’ll wait for you.  Told you so. Alcohol should never be going on your skin unless you need to be hardcore disinfected. Like before your lipo.  Sprout’s Face Cleanser is obviously better. It’s cleansing yet gentle, non-drying, and smells adorable.”

    Happy — and healthy — moisturizing!


    You Ask, I Answer: Cucumbers

    The turkey myth posting had me thinking about people putting cucumbers on their eyes because they supposedly help get rid of bags.

    Is that a myth or is there an antioxidant in them that helps reduce puffiness?

    — Rachel (last name withheld)
    Morristown, NJ

    There’s no secret compound to speak of.

    Cucumbers are great at reducing puffiness simply because they maintain their cool temperature and are largely made up of water.

    The mechanism that creates bags under the eyes is the same one that promotes swelling after, say, a baseball strikes you in the face.

    In both cases, the best course of action is to apply some sort of cold compress to the affected area.

    It helps that cucumbers hold well and, since they can be sliced into the perfect shape and size to cover our eyes, provide an aesthetic touch.

    It just wouldn’t look or work the same if you placed celery stalks, apple slices, or something as acidic as lemons, limes, or oranges over your eyes at the spa!


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