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    Numbers Game: Answer

    eggs benThe average restaurant serving of Eggs Benedict provides, on average, 300 – 375 calories just from the Hollandaise sauce.

    That’s right — average.  That means some restaurants’ eggs benedict dishes can provide as many as 450 or 500 calories just from the sauce!

    Take into account the remaining ingredients (English muffins, bacon, and poached eggs) and you are looking at a meal that easily clocks in at over 1,000 calories — and that’s without considering the all-you-can drink mimosas.

    So what are you to do if this is your favorite brunch dish?  Simple — be aware of this information and plan accordingly.  Knowledge is power, friends!

    If you start off your Sunday with a hefty plates of eggs benedict at your favorite brunch spot, plan a light dinner — think lean protein with plenty of vegetables — and grab high-satiety, low-calorie snacks like fresh fruit, edamame, plain yogurt (dairy or otherwise), and nuts (remember: 23 almonds or 49 pistachios clock in at less than 150 calories!) to get you through the day.

    The biggest mistake I see people make is perceive one indulgent meal as a “point of no return.”  “I already had that huge plate of eggs benedict,” they think, “so I might as well finish the day with this huge brownie a la mode.”

    Quite the opposite!  I think it’s important to enjoy a health detour every once in a while — the key term being detour.  Savor it, enjoy it, and then return to your regularly-scheduled nutrition program.


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