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    Archive for the ‘buckwheat’ Category

    Quick & Healthy Recipe: Oil-Free Autumn Buckwheat Granola

    Buckwheat is technically a seed (and, despite its name, wheat & gluten-free)

    I love this granola for several reasons; it offers something different by not being oat-based, it doesn’t contain any added oils (gets all its healthful fats from whole foods), it’s a delectable combination of crunchy and chewy, and it captures all the flavors of autumn.  Enjoy!

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    You Ask, I Answer: Whole Grains

    Are soba noodles whole grain? What about wheat berries?

    — Rachael Hoffman
    Elizabeth, NJ

    Great trick question, Rachael!

    Traditionally, soba noodles are whole grain.

    Composed entirely of buckwheat (which contains no wheat), they offer an unmistakably nutty taste and significant amounts of fiber, magnesium, and zinc.

    They also contain rutin, a flavonoid that has been found to help decrease heart disease risk (mainly by protecting against platelet aggregation in our arteries).

    Mainstream soba noodles, though, are made mostly with refined wheat flour and some whole buckwheat flour.

    The result? A celiac-unfriendly noodle with an inferior nutritional profile.

    Luckily, a few companies — like Eden Organics — offer 100% buckwheat noodles.

    Your best bet is to order online or try specialty/health food stores.

    As far as wheat berries (pictured above) are concerned, they most certainly are a whole grain!

    To those of you unfamiliar with them, wheat berries are unprocessed and unrefined wheat kernels.

    It’s not surprising, then, that a mere half cup serving contributes 4 grams of fiber.

    They make for a great salad base. Mix them with your favorite vegetables and some finely chopped cilantro for a delicious side dish.


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