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Archive for the ‘food safety’ Category

5 Important Food Lessons From This Past Week

Over the past few days, several important food-related stories captured top headlines.

Rather than dedicate a lengthy blog post to each, here is the Small Bites’ Cliff’s Notes version.

What’s the deal? What are the important takeaways? Here’s your cheat sheet:

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2011: A Year to Remember (and Forget!)

It wasn’t until I started compiling stories for this post that I realized just how much had taken place this year on issues of food, agriculture, and nutrition. While by no means a definitive list, I think it covers the most substantial events.

So, if you’ve been spelunking in Antarctica for the past twelve months — or just want a short trip down memory lane — let’s review 2011, the year where:
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In The News: Deja Vu

Here we go — another E. Coli recall, this time involving frozen hamburger patties.

This one spans eight states and puts 165 tons of hamburger meat in the “shady” category.

Can’t say I’m surprised. Just one mass-produced hamburger patty is made up of several cows’ body parts. And, considering the deplorable conditions of most feedlots, it’s no wonder so many cows get sick and end up in our food supply.

The best way to ensure the meat you’re buying isn’t tainted? For starters — try to know the source. If you have a local butcher or meat market, head there first.

Although buying local isn’t practical for everyone and everything, animal meat is so prone to a variety of infections and illnesses that relying on mega factories to provide you with safe food is a risk.

If possible, buy certified organic meat.

That reminds me — in the next issue of the Small Bites newsletter (out in late October), I will discuss the benefits of organic food, as well as the myths and false sense of security that often accompanies their purchasing. Stay tuned.

Back to the topic at hand — the fact that people in Florida are eating meat products produced in New Jersey sets up a tremendous barrier to solving the problem at hand. This unsafe meat has now made its way to 20 percent of the country, making it that much harder to control.


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