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    Archive for the ‘Golden Crisp’ Category

    Numbers Game: Answer

    Golden+CrispWhich of these cereals offers three and a half teaspoons of added sugar (that’s more than a tablespoon; as much as four Oreo cookies) per half cup serving?

    The dubious honor goes to Golden Crisp cereal, which offers 14 grams of sugar per half cup!

    PS: Next time you eat cereal, pour yourself a half cup so you can appreciate what a small amount that is.  Chances are, the average person serving themselves Golden Crisp eats at least one full cup (over two tablespoons of added sugar).

    A look at the ingredient list tells the tale:

    “Sugar, wheat, corn syrup, honey, caramel color, salt, fortified vitamins and minerals”

    That has to be one of the junkiest cereal ingredient lists I have ever seen.  You might as well eat a Crunch bar and down a multivitamin.

    Here are how other popular cereals measure up against Golden Crisp in terms of added sugar grams per half-cup:

    • Honey Smacks: 10 grams (two and a half teaspoons)
    • Lucky Charms: 7.3 grams (just shy of two teaspoons)
    • Cocoa Pebbles: 6 grams (one and a half teaspoons)
    • Apple Jacks: 4 grams (one teaspoon)

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