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    Archive for the ‘maple syrup’ Category

    Quick & Healthy Recipe: Oil-Free Autumn Buckwheat Granola

    Buckwheat is technically a seed (and, despite its name, wheat & gluten-free)

    I love this granola for several reasons; it offers something different by not being oat-based, it doesn’t contain any added oils (gets all its healthful fats from whole foods), it’s a delectable combination of crunchy and chewy, and it captures all the flavors of autumn.  Enjoy!

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    You Ask, I Answer: Antioxidants in Honey & Maple Syrup

    maple_syrupDespite the fact that calorie-wise they are similar to white sugar, I have heard that honey and maple syrup might possibly be superior sweeteners based upon the fact that they contain significant amounts of antioxidants.

    Any truth to the matter?

    — Corey Clark
    (Location withheld)

    Maple syrup and honey do indeed contain some antioxidants, but you need to remember context.  They are both sources of added sugar and, for the most part, empty calories.

    Yes, maple syrup contains manganese and zinc, but it (along with honey) provides no fiber, protein, or fats — all essential for satiety.

    Ergo, you are looking at empty calories.  Two hundred calories of maple syrup or honey will not satisfy hunger in the same way 200 calories of nuts or beans do.

    Since the goal with all added sugars (white, brown, honey, maple syrup, agave, brown rice syrup, etc.) is to minimize intake, antioxidant content is a moot point.

    Ideally, added sugar intake should be limited at two tablespoons per day.  This amount of either honey or maple syrup won’t provide much in terms of antioxidants.


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