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    Archive for the ‘National Sugar Association’ Category

    2011: A Year to Remember (and Forget!)

    It wasn’t until I started compiling stories for this post that I realized just how much had taken place this year on issues of food, agriculture, and nutrition. While by no means a definitive list, I think it covers the most substantial events.

    So, if you’ve been spelunking in Antarctica for the past twelve months — or just want a short trip down memory lane — let’s review 2011, the year where:
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    Corn Syrup, Corn Oil, And Sugar: Registered Dietitian-Approved?

    What would you say if I told you the folks at Marlboro had assembled a team of dedicated pulmonologists to be part of an advisory panel?  Imagine, too, that these hired health professionals would occasionally appear on various media platforms to publicly defend tobacco’s reputation.  Although it wasn’t uncommon to see doctors endorse cigarettes on television sixty years ago, these days such tactics would be met with strong indignation, to say the least.

    Take that “are you kidding me?” sentiment, multiply it times a hundred, and you have my reaction to recently finding out what some Registered Dietitians choose to align themselves with.
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