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    Archive for the ‘peanut shells’ Category

    You Ask, I Answer: Peanut Shells

    peanut shells for inbox zeroI was wondering if you knew if there is any nutritional value in the shells of peanuts, specifically sodium?

    Should we be eating peanut shells?  I can’t seem to find any concrete evidence on the web.

    — John V.
    (Location unknown)

    The only thing peanut shells offer is fiber.

    If peanut shells are salted, you are also getting sodium from them, but the average American diet is already significantly higher in sodium than it needs to be.  No one should concern themselves seeking out good sources of sodium!

    All the nutrition is inside the peanut shell.  I have never eaten peanut shells — and never intend to.  I can think of hundreds of much tastier, healthier, and easier-to-swallow sources of fiber.

    I agree with the accompanying illustration — “lose the shells”!


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