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    Archive for the ‘Pizza Hut’ Category

    Surprise! You Just Ate (Junky) Cat Food!

    In this wacky world of crop subsidies, all species are subject to an ever-abundant medley of corn, wheat, and soy byproducts.  The Big Food companies — regardless of whether they serve humans, canines, or felines — love these byproducts because of their low cost and great ability to serve as fillers in a variety of processed foods.

    It turns out those small cans of cat food you’ve seen in your local grocery or drugstore’s “pet food” aisle contain strikingly similar ingredients to what some fast food chains dish out to Homo sapiens.

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    In The News: October Surprise

    Some very surprising — and encouraging — news to share today.

    “Yum Brands, parent company to Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, [A&W, and Long John Silver’s, has] announced plans to begin posting product calorie information on the indoor menu boards nationwide at company-owned restaurants.”


    You read correctly — these chains are doing so completely unprompted. This is not the fast-food industry sighing, rolling its eyes, and begrudgingly “doing what it’s told”.

    The end result of this ground-breaking announcement is that 20,000 of these chain restaurants throughout the United States will post calorie information on their menus by January of 2011.

    Meanwhile, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King have announced they have no intention of posting calorie information where they are not legally required to do so.


    (Don’t) Get In The (P’)Zone

    Yesterday night I saw a television ad for Pizza Hut’s P’zone (a pizza-calzone hybrid).

    Never heard of it? The national chain provides the following description: “over a pound of toppings and cheese baked in a folded pizza crust and served with marinara sauce.”

    It sounds more exciting — but equally disgusting — when announced by an enthusiastic male voice.

    Interestingly enough — and quite on purpose, in my opinion — Pizza Hut lists nutrition information for HALF a P’zone.

    Ha! Do they truly believe someone will order an entire P’Zone and save half for the next day?

    The end result is rather gruesome.

    A cheese (“classic”) P’Zone clocks in at 1,220 calories, 22 grams of saturated fat (over a day’s worth) and 2,750 milligrams of sodium (also a day’s worth!)

    A meat P’Zone, meanwhile, adds 1,380 calories, 26 grams of satured fat, and 3,460 milligrams of sodium to your day.

    Here’s a radical idea. How about making half a P’Zone the standard size? Or would that be too emasculating to the “I just ate A POUND of cheese and toppings, man!” crowd?


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