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    You Ask, I Answer: Does Roasting Decrease Nutrition?

    Roasted_Harvest_Vegetables.ashxI love roasted vegetables. Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, green beans… you name it.  I’m concerned that roasting may cause a lot of nutrients to be lost, though.

    Is that true?

    — Jim Ayres
    Houston, TX

    Like grilling, barbecuing, broiling, and frying, roasting is deemed a “dry-heat” method of cooking.

    Dry-heat indicates that:

    • There is no water involved
    • Foods are cooked at a significantly higher temperature than they are under “moist-heat” conditions (i.e.: poaching, steaming, boiling, stewing, etc.)

    Whereas most moist-heat cooking methods negatively impact phytonutrient and water-soluble vitamin content (by leaching them out of the food and into the water), dry-heat techniques preserve nutrients very well.

    Remember, cooking breaks down vegetables’ cell walls, thereby making their minerals more bioavailable and easier to absorb.

    So roast away, Jim!  Be mindful of how much oil you roast in, though.

    PS: If you’re roasting potatoes or sweet potatoes, keep the skins on for extra nutrition.


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