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    Archive for the ‘Vocab Bite’ Category

    Vocab Bite: Sourceatarian

    SupportSmallOrganicFarmssource·a·tar·i·an [sohrs-i-tair-ee-uhn]

    1. Individual whose dietary choices are mainly influenced by how food is sourced (i.e.: only eats dairy and red meat that is organic, grass-fed and from small, local farms; only buys white bread from the all-organic, family-owned bakery down the block)
    2. Individual who is more interested in a food company’s food-growing practices and relationship with farmers than whether or not their products are fortified with vitamin C

    Vocab Bite: Nutraganda

    superman-got-milk-ad-commercial1nu·tra·gan·da [noo-truhganduh]

    – noun

    1. Information and ideas relating to nutrition deliberately spread to help or harm a group or institution
    2. Inflammatory or overly hyped information about one food that passes as news but is really a paid advertisement

    Example: I’m getting really tired of the nutraganda in some health magazines.  This month, they had an article about beer being a good post-workout beverage, and sure enough, a few pages later, there was a beer advertisement.


    Vocab Bite: Thintritionist

    42-19835818thin⋅tri⋅tion⋅ist [thin-trishuh-nist]

    – noun

    1. A nutrition expert or professional who is more focused on weight loss than overall health, showing more concern over total calories than the quality of fats, protein, and carbohydrates
    2. A nutrition expert or professional who liberally recommends low-calorie or claorie-free sugar substitutes and fat replacers (ie: offers recipes for baked goods made with Splenda and savory dishes with fat-free cheese) over real food

    Example: “That health expert who talked at the corporate retreat was such a thintritionist — she kept talking about good nutrition as a way to shed pounds and look great, but never mentioned the way diet can help lower your risk of developing heart disease or Type 2 diabetes.”


    Vocab Bite: Healthocrite

    315596-main_Fullhealth⋅o⋅crite [helth-uh-krit]


    1. An individual who is overly concerned with one aspect of health while completely ignoring others
    2. A preachy or boastful person who fancies themselves a picture of health despite having certain unhealthy habits

    Example: Tim is such a healthpocrite.  He refuses to eat anything that has trans fats or white sugar, yet has no qualms smoking a half pack of cigarettes every weekend.


    Vocab Bite: Guiltrition

    poythress2guil⋅tri⋅tion [gil-trish-uhn]

    – noun

    1. The insertion of guilt into nutrition information
    2. Attempting to convince an individual to engage in certain dietary habits by appealing to their sense of guilt, especially as it relates to their children’s health

    Example 1: “It’s a shame so many breastfeeding advocates practice guiltrition.  Instead of simply informing you about the issue, they make you feel like a horrible mother for even considering feeding your baby formula on an ‘off’ day!”

    Example 2: “Yesterday’s conference featured a hardcore guiltritionist.  She kept going on and on about how “a good parent” would never feed their child conventional produce.”


    Vocab Bite: Foodvorce

    broken-heartfood⋅vorce [food-vohrs]

    – noun

    1. total separation from a food that was once a dietary staple, due to allergies, health reasons, or taste preferences

    Example: “I’m heartbroken.  Turns out I’m allergic to nuts.  I have no choice but to get a foodvorce from almond butter. “


    Vocab Bite: Mondayer

    garfield_mondayMon⋅day⋅er [muhn-dey-uhr]

    – noun

    1. An individual who consistently mentions going on a diet “next Monday”, usually following several days of eating rich, calorically-dense meals
    2. An individual who sets very strict dietary restrictions on him or herself every Monday, only to eventually resort to his or her usual dietary habits by Wednesday

    Example: “My brother is your typical Mondayer.  He eats horribly all weekend long, tells us he’s going to start eating healthier on Monday, spends Monday subsisting on rice cakes, Special K bars, and baby carrots, overeats on Tuesday, and tells himself that next Monday he’s ‘really’ going to start eating healthy.”


    Vocab Bite: Fauxtato

    250px-Pringles_chipsfaux⋅ta⋅to [fohtey-toh]

    – noun

    1. A potato-based product composed of dried potatoes mixed with flours, stabilizers, and other ingredients (i.e.: corn starch)
    2. A potato-based product available in shapes not found in nature.

    Example: I was slightly disappointed that my sandwich was accompanied with a side of fauxtatoes, rather than real potato chips.


    Vocab Bite: Vegilemma

    dilemmaveg⋅i⋅lem⋅ma [vej-i-lem-uh]


    1. A difficult situation encountered by a vegetarian or vegan, usually at a restaurant or gathering, where the only dish they can eat is an uninspired salad or a side of steamed carrots and peas
    2. An unpleasant situation, also mainly experienced at restaurants or gatherings, in which a vegetarian or vegan must choose to eat a lame side dish or an entree that requires picking out, or eating around, an unwanted ingredient
    3. Emotional distress experienced by a vegetarian or vegan about his or her eating habits upon going to dinner at a new acquaintance’s home

    Example: I had quite the vegilemma at Steph’s luncheon — eat a portobello steak (which I hate) or pick out pieces of ham from the ham, spinach, and red pepper frittata.


    Vocab Bite: Absurving

    food_labelx1xab⋅sur⋅ving [ab-sur-ving]

    – noun

    1. A ridiculously small serving size
    2. An unrealistic serving size used by food companies to make a product seemed lower in calories, saturated fat, or sodium

    Example: “I saw so many absurvings in the frozen food aisle today.  I counted ten frozen meals advertised as “dinner for one” that only gave nutrition information for half the package!”


    Vocab Bite: Appetyrant

    H0HHAT51-Group-Dining2-450ap⋅pe⋅ty⋅rant [ap-i-tahyruhnt]

    – noun

    1. Group dinner participant who takes it upon him/herself to order appetizers for the entire table, often without prior consultation
    2. Group dinner participant who, as a result of strict self-imposed dietary habits, limits shareable appetizers for the group to those that exclusively meet his or her dietary needs

    Example: Things got a little tense at Mark’s birthday dinner when Steve, ever the appetyrant, made a  strange plea to only order low-carb appetizers for the whole table, which was then followed by a rant on the evils of grains.


    Vocab Bite: Cerealitis

    cereal_aislece⋅re⋅a⋅li⋅tis [seer-ee-uhlie-tis]

    – noun

    1. The overwhelming feeling of indecisiveness experienced upon browsing the cereal aisle at a supermarket
    2. The often frustrating and time-consuming quest to find a cereal that is high in nutrition and taste (and reasonably priced); often accompanied by nutrition label comparisons and careful reading of ingredients

    Example: Sorry I took so long at the supermarket.  I had the worst case of cerealitis!


    Vocab Bite: Foodarazzo

    paparazzifood⋅a⋅raz⋅zo [food-uhraht-soh]


    1. Annoying individual (usually a friend, family member, or workmate) who always comments on what you eat, usually accompanying his or her nosiness with judgment.

    Example:  My office deskmate, Ralph, is such a foodarazzo.  If he walks past my desk when I’m eating breakfast, he asks a bunch of questions about it and makes some obnoxious comment about how unhealthy it is.


    Vocab Bite: Dietatorship

    splendadi⋅et⋅ta⋅tor⋅ship  [dahy-ittey-ter-ship]

    – noun

    1.a home where absolute power is exercised by a diet-obsessed family member.
    2.absolute, imperious, or overbearing power or control over one’s own diet, and that of individuals living in the household.
    3. a household overrun with low-carb and/or low-fat synthetic foods, particularly ready-to-drink shakes and ready-to-eat bars.
    4. a household that bans entire groups of foods due to their “fattening” properties.

    Example: The Jones run a strict dietatorship.  Sweets are only allowed if they are low-fat and made with no-calorie sweeteners, and the kids are only allowed to keep two pieces of candy after trick-or-treating.


    Vocab Bite: Coffeetrocity

    crunch-beauty3Cof-fee-tro-ci-ty [kof-ee-tros-i-tee]


    1. a cloyingly sweet, calorie-laden coffee-based beverage
    2. a coffee-based beverage that more closely resembles a milkshake or soda float


    I just saw an ad for a new coffeetrocity: an iced latte made with half & half and caramel syrup, topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and chocolate chips.

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