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    Archive for the ‘You Bar’ Category

    Giveaway: Make Your Own Whole Food Bars

    Time for another giveaway. This time around, you have a say in the final product, since the prize is your very own case of You Bars (a company I blogged about three years ago, and am happy to see do very well).

    The You Bar customizations and options are fantastic. Not only are the vast majority of ingredients organic, they are also commonly not found in commercial whole food bars. Want some maca powder in your bar? You got it. How about a sunflower seed butter base? Cacao nibs? Hemp seeds? Apricots? Perhaps some organic rice protein? No matter what your dietary needs or preferences, you will be able to create something.

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    youtrailmix_logo1Good news for those of you who appreciate healthy snacking and freedom of choice — the folks who brought you YouBars and YouShakes now offer YouTrailMix!

    As with their other products, you simply select the ingredients (as you choose them, the nutrition label for your trail mix is updated), christen your product, and have thirteen single-serving trail mixes delivered to your door.

    As always, even the finickiest customers are kept in mind.  You can request to have more pretzels than dried blueberries or more organic cacao nibs than cashews.

    Insert “perfect birthday gift for a health nut” lame joke HERE.


    New Year, Tastier You!

    Last February, a Canadian reader alerted me to YouBar, a small California-based company created by a mother-son duo that allows customers to create their own nutrition bars from a variety of healthy and organic ingredients ranging from almond butter to dates to ginger, cacao nibs, and oat bran.

    I liked the idea enough to blog about it, but never tasted a creation. Until now.


    For those of you not feeling the experimental bug, the website provides suggested bars. If you are feeling creative, though, you have free reign to head on begin crafting your own delicacy (which you even get to name!).

    Give yourself plenty of time, though, as the options are endless. Before you even think about choosing ingredients, decide just how big of a bar you want (the small weighs 1.25 ounces, while a large delivers almost two ounces.)

    My favorite part of the process? Once you start mixing and matching ingredients, a nutrition facts label appears on the screen, reflecting your personal bar’s nutrition information. No surprises here!

    Even the pickiest of creators should be satisfied thanks to the “special requests” option, which enables you to specify preferences like “I want ginger and cinnamon, but could you make it mostly ginger and just a pinch of cinnamon?”

    I am not at all surprised at their success and wish them the absolute best as they continue to provide healthy snacking — and the freedom to choose!


    You "Ask", I Answer: You Bar

    I was wondering if you’ve heard of You Bar, which is a company that lets you customize your own bar and only uses natural ingredients.

    It sounds like a really cool idea.

    — Vincci Tsui
    Via the blog

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Vincci!

    I had never heard of You Bar until I read your message. Sounds right up my alley, too.

    You can basically make your own Lara/Clif Nectar/Pure bar by combining a variety of (mostly nutritious) ingredients to your liking (from dates to optional whey protein powders to dried fruits to a variety of nuts and seeds which you can specifically ask to be roasted, raw, or organic!)

    Sounds like a deliciously unique gift idea for a foodie or nutritious snacker in your family or group of friends.


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