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    The Skinny on Appetite Suppressants

    The latest Small Bites YouTube video concerns the multi-million dollar appetite suppressant industry.

    These supposed magical pills are marketed everywhere (most have a higher advertising budget than individual fruit and vegetable boards), promising effortless weight loss.

    Despite the fact that some of these supplements are simply scaled down versions of amphetamines and others have absolutely no scientific evidence demonstrating their effectiveness, consumers continue to seek out these products in hopes of shedding pounds by simply popping a pill.

    I explain why appetite suppressants are a big waste of money — and suggest one productive place that cash can go.


    Buyer, Beware (And Be Smart)!

    The latest video on the Small Bites YouTube channel discusses four popular deceptive advertising techniques relating to nutrition:

    • “A daily dose of antioxidants”
    • “Cholesterol-free”
    • “0 grams of trans fat per serving!”
    • “Made with fruit”

    Once you’re familiar with these tricks, you won’t be a sucker at the supermarket!


    Health Store Hazards

    In some situations, supplements can be helpful (i.e.: DPA and EHA Omega-3 fatty acids for pregnant women who do not eat fish; vitamin D supplements for most people in Northern climates).

    However, the supplement market mostly preys on consumer fear (“There aren’t enough nutrients in the food I’m eating”) and ignorance (“I won’t gain muscle unless I down 300 grams of protein a day.”)

    You certainly can’t rely on “health stores” for advice!

    Watch the latest video on the YouTube Small Bites channel for more information.


    You Ask, I Answer: Weight Loss & Support

    When the year started, I was at my highest weight ever [25 pounds overweight.]

    I tried to diet as a New Year’s resolution, but it was really strict, almost no carbs except for salad vegetables, and it was hard to keep up. I was eating about 950 calories a day, it was so hard.

    A few months later I tried again, but healthier.

    Since May I have lost 18 pounds and I’m really happy. I’m mainly doing it by watching portions of a lot of foods I like, so I don’t feel deprived of anything. I’m eating about 1,700 calories a day and I also go to the gym a few times a week.

    What is hard now is that I feel I am not getting much support from my boyfriend and my friends.

    Over the past month, my boyfriend has been buying me lots of sweets and chocolates, which I don’t like to have in my house because it’s hard for me to watch my portions.

    I met him about two weeks before I started dieting (May 2nd) and lately it’s as if he wants me to gain weight again. It’s weird.

    Some of my friends also comment on what I eat when I am at restaurants, too. Like if I choose to eat a salad as an appetizer and then an appetizer for my entree there are two friends of mine who will always be on my case about how I’m probably starving or something.

    I don’t know if you answer these sorts of questions, but what should I do about this?

    — Natalie (last name withheld)
    (city withheld), VT

    Natalie — and everyone else interested in this question — please watch the latest video on the Small Bites YouTube channel (also embedded below):


    Does Sugar Make Children Hyper?

    It’s certainly a question on many parents’ minds.

    Can little Adam’s or tiny Claudia’s hyper behavior at the next birthday party be subdued by only letting him or her have a half — rather than whole — slice of cake?

    In the latest video on the Small Bites YouTube channel, I tackle this question head on.

    Curious to know the answer? Watch and find out!


    Summer Eatin’

    The latest video posted on the Small Bites YouTube channel offers tips and advice for a healthy and nutritious summer.

    Is mayo a microbiological bad guy? What’s a tasty and refreshing replacement for ice cream? Are you preparing your salad in such a way to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients?

    Find out more in this short video, where I also introduce you to a key player of the Small Bites team!


    Five Must-Have Foods

    The latest video on the Small Bites YouTube Channel singles out five must-have foods.

    Having these in your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer will make healthy eating simple, quick, and convenient.

    This is not an end-all-be-all “five healthiest foods on the planet” or “five superfoods that reverse aging” list, but rather just one of many practical ways in which nutrition can have a place in your kitchen.


    Show Me The Calories!

    Inspired by the recent New York City ruling requiring all fast food chains to post calorie information, I thought of other companies and places that should abide by a similar law.

    Alas, I made my way to The Food Network website and noticed that caloric information is not available for any of their recipes.

    I decided to conduct a little experiment.

    Armed with a handy dandy calculator, I selected three random recipes, looked up caloric information for each ingredient, and added numbers. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

    Check out the latest Small Bites YouTube video for the results!

    I am not asking for The Food Network to breathe down their chefs’ necks and demand healthier recipes. This is a free country and people should do as they please.

    I realize that many chefs do not have degrees in nutrition and many of them hold the ridiculous belief that nutrition and taste are mutually exclusive.

    I digress. All I am asking for is basic information to help viewers make appropriate choices.


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