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  • Celebrity Diet Secrets: Beth Ostrosky

    holidaybethhoward1-170x224What would the start of a new year be without celebrity weight-loss tips?

    This time around, it’s Beth Ostrosky (AKA Howard Stern’s wife), who tells OK! magazine that the key is to exercise more and completely give up sweets.

    Ms. Ostrosky tells OK! that “literally from [the moment I gave up sweets], my body has completely changed. I dropped six pounds in the first week.”

    Considering her previous dietary habits, it’s no surprise she has lost weight.

    Not only were Swedish Fish, Starburst and Hot Tamales dietary staples — she would also admittedly pop 15 Toostie Rolls as a pre-running snack!

    Newsflash: that’s a total of 750 calories.  Since sugar does absolutely nothing to help satiate us, you are looking at 750 calories that don’t make you feel full!

    Despite Ms. Ostrosky’s claims that she can now eat unlimited quantities of foods (she claims to eat a bagel for breakfast, “a lot of bread” with lunch, and “a big pasta dinner” regularly) because she no longer includes sugar in her diet, we are looking at the tried- and-true, yet always effective, “eat less, move more” strategy.

    Also, someone may want to inform Ms. Ostrosky that Starbucks uses vanilla soymilk (which contains a tablespoon of added sugar per cup) in its soy lattes.  Those are not sugar-free beverages!

    Thanks to Jessica Rothschild for forwarding me the OK! article.


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