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  • Crunch Away!

    A few days ago, a friend was picking my brain for portable, nutritious, and tasty snack ideas.

    He specifically mentioned that while he enjoys the taste of my standby bar recommendations (Lara, Clif Nectar, Gnu Flavor & Fiber, Pure), they are all missing “crunch” — his favorite texture.

    Crackers don’t really do it, he explained, because he likes a tinge of sweetness to his snacks.

    I suggested Kashi TLC (Tasty Little Crunchies) granola bars — and was just told it’s exactly the type of snack my friend was looking for!

    One individually wrapped container offers two bars and provides:

    180 calories
    4 grams of fiber (3 of which are soluble)

    8 grams (2 teaspoons) of added sugar
    6 grams of protein

    100% whole grains

    I specifically point out the presence of soluble fiber as that is the type of fiber that has been linked with reductions in LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.


    One Comment

    1. cookingcutie11 said on October 4th, 2008

      I love these bars-they’re just sweet enough, and it’s great for me to toss in my purse so I can avoid getting too hungry while at work and eating too much when I get home!

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