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Do You Follow the Trend?

510739969_f86276811fSmall Bites reader Cath Joudrey e-mailed me a most interesting observation.

When she searched the word “calorie” under Google Trends, this is what came up.  In an “almost too cliched to be true” fashion, searches for the word peak in January (“no, really, I’m serious — THIS year I’m eating better”) and gradually decrease throughout the year, reaching their lowest point around the holidays (“What do you mean you’re watching your weight?  I thought you loved my eggnog!”).

Not surprisingly, the most pronounced increase occurs in the Summer months.

This trend closely resembles Small Bites’ web traffic.  This blog consistently gets the highest amount of visits on Mondays. From there, it is a slow and steady decrease all the way through Sunday.


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  1. Quinn said on September 6th, 2009

    But I read it every day! It is one of my favorite ways to goof off at work :)

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