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    Honey, We’ve Got Problems!

    top-chef-logoAnother season of Top Chef, another post about their misrepresentation and apparent ignorance of nutrition (remember a few seasons back when the ‘cheftestants’ were instructed to create a low-carb dish that contained whole grains?).

    This week’s “quickfire” challenge — inspired by host Padma Lakshmi’s 2-month-old baby and head judge Tom Colicchio’s 8-month-old addition to his family — asked the competing chefs to create an adult dish along with a baby-friendly pureed version.  Granted, two-month-olds don’t consume anything beside breast milk or formula, but I’ll let that slide.

    One of the favorite dishes?  This one (check out slide #11) by judge favorite Angelo Sosa.    The ingredients: poached tuna, fenugreek, tomatoes, soy sauce, and honey.

    Yikes!  Honey in baby food?  Red flag!

    Babies under twelve months old should never be fed honey, as they could develop a lethal condition known as infant botulism (honey can contain spores that, in babies’ delicate digestive tracts, can multiply and release a botulinus toxin).

    This honey blunder was not mentioned on the show (if it was mentioned by the judges during filming, it was certainly abandoned on the cutting room floor), nor does it pop up anywhere on the show’s website.

    Bravo legal department: I highly suggest you add a disclaimer to this dish’s photograph, or you could be on the receiving end of one nasty lawsuit.  You’re welcome.


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