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    In The News: Big, Burly Vegan

    The Wall Street Journal recently featured 247-pound Kansas City Chiefs football player Tony Gonzalez.

    The interesting/”different” angle? Gonzalez is practically vegan (remember, this means no animal flesh and no byproducts, such as eggs, dairy, and honey).

    I say “practically” because the article mentions him eating salmon and chicken once a week. Those are his only two non-vegan foods, though.

    I also refer you to Marion Nestle’s brief (but excellent) commentary on this article.

    Over on her blog, she writes:

    Why anyone is surprised that people can do well on vegetarian and vegan diets is beyond me.

    Plant foods have plenty of protein and calories if you eat enough of them.

    If he is following a strict vegan diet–no animal products at all–he will need to find a source of vitamin B12 (it’s made by bacteria and incorporated into animal tissues), but supplements work just fine. I just don’t see this as any big deal.

    Many different dietary patterns promote health and this one can too.

    I suppose people will attribute any missed block or dropped pass to his diet, but cheeseburgers are not essential nutrients.


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