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    In The News: Don’t Count on Calorie Labeling in Great Britain

    double_whopper_with_cheese_menu_labelingDiscouraging news from the other side of the Atlantic, friends — “fast food chains and restaurants have quietly sunk a plan by Britain’s food watchdog to display calorie counts in eating outlets across the country.”

    A trial calorie-display initiative set forth by the Food Standards Agency has been downright abandoned by “fast food greats” like Pizza Hut, KFC, and Burger King.

    Consequently, a mere three percent of the eligible fast food restaurants in Great Britain are posting calorie counts in visible ways (ie: not solely on their websites or on a leaflet that must be requested by customers).

    This is why having the law on your side is crucial.  Calorie counts must be legally — and federally — mandated.  Case closed.

    And, before any “the government can’t tell me what to eat!!” zealots pipe up, keep in mind that this is not about prohibiting the sale of any foods.  It simply makes information more public and easier to access.


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