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In The News: Lean Times, Leaner Burger

Starting Monday, the double cheeseburger will disappear from McDonald’s dollar menu.

It’s not that customers don’t love it — it’s actually the chain’s best-selling $1 item!

In its place? The same burger with just one slice of cheese, a different name, and a slightly heftier price tag.

The McDouble — the end result of McDonald’s strategy to increase profits after the cost of commodities like wheat skyrocketed over the past year — is set to debut in 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants on December 1.

Retailing for $1.19, this new version offers 50 fewer calories (390) and 25 percent less saturated fat (8.5 grams, or roughly 42% of the recommended daily limit) than its predecessor.


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  1. christine said on November 28th, 2008

    hi andy,

    from a nutritional standpoint, what do you think of fake meats like tofurkey or boca burgers? seems like they are healthier than their meat alternatives, but are kind of a vegetarian junk food.

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