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    In The News: Water Is In Your Corner

    glass-of-waterThe Montreal Gazzette is sharing the findings of a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition — “people who get much of their daily liquids from plain water rather than other drinks tend to have healthier diets overall.”

    More specifically, “people who drank more ‘plain water’ tended to eat more fiber, less sugar and fewer calorie-dense foods.”

    Participants in the health survey — which interviewed 12,283 people over the course of 7 years — who drank high amounts of other beverages, meanwhile, consumed less fiber, more sugar, and more calorie-dense foods.

    Clearly, “other beverages” refers to sugar-laden drinks.

    Makes sense to me.  Apart from the additional calories that sodas, sweetened teas, and other caloric beverages tack on, they pose another problem — cravings.

    A can of soda — diet or otherwise — often makes one crave chips, pizza, and other less-nutritious items.

    Similarly, a bottled coffee or tea beverage — spiked with as much sugar as soda — is more likely to be accompanied by a donut or 500-calorie muffin than yogurt or nuts.

    Keep in mind that while artificial sweeteners are calorie-free, our tastebuds register them as several-hundred-times sweeter than sugar.  They, too, often make us crave high-calorie foods.

    This is why I always recommend that meals be accompanied by water or unsweetened tea to which you can add freshly squeezed lemon juice for a flavor boost.

    For individuals who drink large amounts of soda every day, I recommend “soda pairings”.  In other words — make a list of “soda-friendly” foods and stick to them.

    You may, for instance, declare that you will drink one glass (or can) of soda only when eating pizza, Thai food, and that delicious grilled shrimp salad from the favorite restaurant you visit twice a month.

    If each of these foods is eaten sparingly (no more than twice a month), it will help keep your soda consumption down without making you feel deprived.


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