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    Moms to Moms is a 14-page supplement from the publishers of Parents Magazine that offers everything from clutter-busting tips to healthy meal ideas to general childrearing advice.

    The issue I saw today in a dentist’s office certainly caught my attention for a variety of reasons.

    First: the McDonald’s logo on the lower-left corner of the cover.

    Second: among the fourteen pages, there are no less than five full-page advertisements for McDonald’s — six if you count one full-page advertisement for the Ronald McDonald charity.

    Three of these advertisements bear the title “Mommyisms”, and show a fictional mother and daughter (and, in one case, a father and son duo) being playful or enjoying an activity together.

    The first advertisement contains the following statement:

    “Just because it’s her favorite place to eat doesn’t mean it can’t be yours too.”

    Advertisement number two features photographs of chicken nuggets, apple slices with caramel dip, and a soft-serve ice cream cone.  The accompanying text:

    “Tell my husband and son we’re going to McDonald’s, and suddenly I have two kids instead of one.  Its like a fun switch gets flipped and they immediately go into play mode.  I can’t really blame them.”

    The final “mommyism” shows a mother and daughter doing yoga together.

    “What’s not to love?  A Fruit & Walnut Salad plus a Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap for me, and a wholesome Happy Meal for her.  Because quality time is even better with quality food.  And when it comes to eating right, she always follows my lead.”

    The text is accentuated with hearts dotting every lowercase “i”.  All together now: “Awwwww”!

    The remaining two advertisements are even more interesting.

    One features McDonald’s Registered Dietitian, who recommends two different daily menus, one made for children and one tailored to adults.

    For instance, a 505-calorie breakfast composed of one hotcake, one syrup packet, 1% lowfat white milk, Apple Dippers, and low-fat caramel sauce is recommended for children.  There is, of course, no mention of the amount of sodium or added sugars also contained in that meal.

    Finally, there is a spotlight on the Director of Culinary Innovation for McDonald’s corporation.

    One of his featured recipes?  Vanilla-scented pineapple.  Nothing wrong with that, except for the two cups of sugar (32 tablespoons!) and half cup (8 more tablespoons) of vanilla syrup that goes into, strangely enough, sweetening fresh pineapple!

    There is no serving information for the recipe, but even if it is meant for a dozen people, that’s a whopping 3 tablespoons of added sugar (as much as a can of soda) per person!

    PS: I will try to scan each of these advertisements later this week for you to read.

    In the meantime: thoughts?

    I don’t disagree with the notion that certain McDonald’s menu items are healthier than others, but I am greatly disturbed by a magazine supplement aimed at parents that solely advertises the golden arches.



    1. moses said on November 24th, 2009

      Fuck McDonalds.

    2. Milton Stokes, MPH RD CDN said on November 24th, 2009

      Maybe a good time to point out Food, Inc–which I see you have under the “worth watching” section.

    3. Kate said on November 25th, 2009

      If you pick a properly ripened one, sweetening it would make it sickening! There’s a problem if a ripe pineapple isn’t sweet enough for you.

    4. admin said on November 25th, 2009

      Right? It makes NO sense to me to add two cups of sugar to 4 cups of fresh pineapple. Talk about unnecessary extra calories!

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