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Numbers Game: Answer

heartstructureExcess weight  (and its health consequences) is believed to be the main factor in 79 percent of heart disease cases and 52 percent of strokes.

Remember — a multitude of diseases and health conditions stem from high levels of cellular inflammation.

One of the primary causes of cellular inflammation?  Excess weight.

It’s important to keep in mind that any amount of lost excess weight is beneficial.

I recall a conversation I had years ago with someone who, at the time, was 65 pounds overweight.

In her mind, her choices were either to stay at that weight for the rest of her life or lose 65 pounds.  Silly as it may sound to some people, it had never occurred to her that even shedding 15 of those 65 extra pounds would have a positive effect on her health!

Long story short — once she saw how much better she felt after losing 15 pounds (“It’s so much easier on my knees when I use the stairs!” was one of the first things she mentioned to me), she was motivated to continue her healthier eating patterns and has now been at a healthy weight for three years.

New body shape aside, her biggest surprise came when, after years of avoiding getting a physical, she received her blood test results.  Compared to her heaviest period, her blood pressure, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol had significantly lowered.


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