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Numbers Game: Answer

fresh-apple1233606650According to the Environmental Working Group, 36 different pesticides are sprayed on conventional apples.

While a conventional piece of fruit is certainly better than nothing, in some cases (like apples, which have some of the highest levels of pesticide residue of all produce) it is highly advisable to buy organic.

Remember, research on pesticides is in its infancy.

Just last month, the Environmental Protection Agency announced the launch of a study that will screen comonly-used pesticides “for possibly disrupting the human, as well as animal, endocrine system.. which regulates all biological processes in the body – specifically, growth, metabolism and reproduction.”

Pesticides also show up in farms’ water runoffs, often disrupting waterway ecosystems.

As a reminder, here is a list of the top ten fruits and vegetables you should try to buy organic as often as possible.


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  1. Nicole said on May 27th, 2009

    Do we know if the pesticides are even absorbed after being sprayed on the surface of produce. Do we need to be concerned if you wash the fruit or vegetables well before eating?

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