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Numbers Game: Answers

Over at PF Chang’s China Bistro, an appetizer portion of spare ribs contains 1,386 calories, while the Great Wall of Chocolate dessert (“six layers of rich chocolate cake frosted with semi-sweet chocolate chips and raspberry sauce,”) adds up to 2,237 calories.

This is precisely why calories should be posted on chain restaurant menus across the country.

If someone were to put that slice of cake in front of me (I consider myself to be pretty good at eyeballing calories in a dish) and ask me to wager a guess, I wouldn’t go past the 1600 calorie mark.

As for the spare ribs appetizer — that caloric value would already be hefty for an entree, let alone an appetizer.

It absolutely blows my mind to think that in the oh-so-rare event that two people went to PF Chang’s and shared this appetizer and dessert combination they would be taking in slightly over 1,800 calories a piece!

It would at least help if the PF Chang Menu would “suggest” sharing the Great Wall of Chocolate with three….. four… SIX other people!

I don’t have a problem with someone wanting a slice of chocolate cake for dessert when they’re out at a restaurant, but whatever happened to offering a standard 300 or 400 calorie slice?

If anything, such outrageous portions and values only reinforce the idea that “dessert is bad.”


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