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    Numbers Game: Heavy Wake-Up Call

    cheesecake-factory2Order a Morning Quesadilla at The Cheesecake Factory and you’ll be served _______ calories and ______ milligrams of sodium on a plate.

    (NOTE: Daily sodium intake is recommended to not surpass 2,400 milligrams)

    a) 1,870/2,500
    b) 2,215/1,900
    c) 2,410/3,200
    d) 2,015/4,347

    Leave your guess in the “comments” section and come back on Monday for the answer.



    1. Quinn said on May 1st, 2009

      Okay, haven’t seen one but let’s make an educated guess. A Quesadilla has a tortilla on top and bottom. If it is of a reasonable size, it will be folded in half, but restaurants are seldom reasonable so lets assume two tortillas. That’s what, 400 calories right there? Maybe 500, round it up and be safe. Breakfast, you say? Eggs, cheese, maybe avocado, some sort of meat … cooked in butter no doubt … sour cream maybe … another 400 calories. Possible 600. Then add 200 calories because I always underestimate … 1300 calories and I don’t know how much sodium … and color me horrified to see that I have low bid the lowest calorie choice you offer ! I will have to go with “A”.

    2. julie said on May 3rd, 2009

      I had to go look at the menu, see what this even is, and I’ll have to go with B. This easily could top 2000 calories, but doesn’t seem as it should be that exceptionally salty.

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