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Numbers Game: One of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

corn-field-schuyler-nebraska-neb168One and a half percent of U.S. cropland is devoted to vegetables, 1.6 percent to fruits, and _____ percent to corn that is exclusively used to produce high fructose corn syrup.

a) 1.2
b) 0.5
c) 2
d) 1

Source: Recipe for America by Jill Richardson

Leave your guess in the “comments” section and come back on Sunday for the answer.



  1. Katie said on May 12th, 2010

    I’m going to go with C… I was actually surprised it’s not higher! Though it is pretty sick if it is the same or higher than ALL other vegetables.

  2. Kiersti said on May 14th, 2010

    My guess is C too – I am surprised it’s not higher too – corn syrup is in EVERYTHING!

  3. Mrs. Q said on May 14th, 2010

    I’m going to guess 2, which has to be a h*ll of a lot land

  4. Estelle said on May 15th, 2010

    2, since I’m assuming the figure is meant to be somewhat shocking or eye-opening?

  5. Karleen said on May 16th, 2010


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