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Shame On You: Blind Item

For those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘blind item’, it is what gossip columnists publish when they have a piece of gossip so hot — and damaging — that they don’t dare publish it with first and last name to avoid possible lawsuits.

For instance, New York City’s infamous Page Six gossip column recently printed the following:

WHICH reality star turned rocker recently had major work done after a minor weight loss? Following in the footsteps of her plastic surgery-addict mother, the young starlet got her tummy tightened and her breasts lifted.

Believe it or not, I now have a blind item of my own, courtesy of a business and kitchen insider who knows firsthand of some terrible sneakiness taking place behind the scenes.

WHICH popular “healthy” food delivery business — linked to a popular diet — is pulling the wool over some of its New York City customers? Even though your meal is supposed to be “heart healthy” and low in calories, many of the chefs who work for the outsourced company that makes the meals are known to add more butter, cream, and salt to any “healthy” dish that doesn’t taste good to them!

I was absolutely flabbergasted to find this out. People are putting their trust in a company to deliver healthy, tasty food, and they are instead getting highly caloric, fattening meals.

In all fairness, the popular diet company does not seem to be aware that this is going on. Negligent? Absolutely. If I was an executive member of this company, I would have someone from my staff supervising the chefs making these meals.

To be absolutely sure of what you are eating, your best bet is to make it yourself at home. Or, at the very least, understand that when you eat out, even if it sounds mega healthy, you run the risk of consuming more calories than you would at home, or added ingredients you would never think of putting onto your dinner plate!

PS: I know for a fact this has been happening in New York City. This service is national, though, so I don’t know if this is a national or regional problem. I’ll see what I find out.


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  1. Anonymous said on December 15th, 2007

    You are absolutely right. The only way to ensure a quality meal is to prepare them yourself. But most importantly is to know your food source. I can’t tell you how much food fraud there is in the industry. Sure EVOO is a good for us, but it can also be a bad source if one consume an adulterated source, such as Bertolli & Napa Valley Natural.


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