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    Shame on You: Kevin Trudeau (Part 2)

    Kevin Trudeau begins Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About by sharing a personal anecdote. At the age of 21, he was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse (a disorder in which the structure of the heart isn’t developed correctly, thus interfering with normal bloodflow).

    He goes on to say that doctors told him he had a very short time to live unless he took experimental drugs or had risky surgery.

    Hmmmm… well, I went to one of the best sources in the world for information on heart health – the Mayo Clinic.

    According to them, “In most people, mitral valve prolapse is harmless and doesn’t require treatment or changes in lifestyle. It also doesn’t shorten your life expectancy. In some people with mitral valve prolapse, however, the progression of the disease requires treatment.”

    The treatment can involve surgery in serious situations, but it can also include rather standard (not at all experimental) drugs like beta blockers — which help regulate the heart muscle — and aspirin.

    Kevin Trudeau is quick to point out that many of these drugs have terrible side effects and should be avoided like the plague, since they end up causing more health problems.

    While it is true that you often see a plethora of side effects linked to all medication, this is largely due to legal protection. If a given drug has been shown to cause nausea in 1% of test subjects, this symptom must be listed on the package to prevent lawsuits. A “possible symptom” should not be used as a scare tactic.

    For instance, when I had to have two wisdom teeth extracted a few years ago, I had to sign a waiver saying I was aware that there was a chance I might die as a result of the general anesthetic. Does this mean wisdom tooth extraction surgery is a public health threat? No.

    Trudeau claims he chose to have live cell injections in Mexico and Switzerland, which miraculously cured his condition. I would love to know more details (not surprisingly, his account is terribly short and vague), especially since there is no way live cell injections can change the shape and structure of someone’s heart and completely do away with mitral valve prolapse.

    Furthermore, Trudeau appears to forget that live cell injections also carry risksincluding inflammation and the formation of tumors. Additionally, gene therapy is not a “one shot” deal. Mind you, this kind of treatment is still fairly new, but subjects who undergo it need several rounds of the treatment to reap any benefits.

    Trudeau claims he told his doctors about the miracle cure, thinking they would be overjoyed and pretty much ready to tell anyone who had mitral valve prolapse, “Take a jet to Switzerland and get this amazing treatment!”.

    Instead, they told him that it was very likely he had been misdiagnosed (especially since live cell injections are supposed to be used for conditions related to one specific gene defect, which mitral valve prolapse is NOT). Trudeau, however, uses this as initial “proof” to his belief – that there are natural cures out there purposefully being denied to us by doctors and the government.

    Interestingly enough, he refers to all these things as cures, rather than treatments. By using the word “cures”, he is undeniably saying that these methods will absolutely rid someone of their disease.

    He then boldly states, “Yes, there are all-natural, nondrug, and nonsurgical cures for most every illness and disease.”

    Of course, Trudeau doesn’t tell you what these are because, according to him, he is being censored by the Federal Trade Commission.

    Mind you, throughout his book, Trudeau mentions he is “mad as hell” at the fact that food companies and the healthcare industry “are all about the money.” However, he doesn’t appear to flinch when it comes to having people pay for his book and then direct them to his website, where they have to pay more fees just to read his newsletter (which, according to him, is an active way to support his cause).

    In Chapter 1, Trudeau claims the field of nutrition has consistently changed its mind about what causes obesity and that, at the end of the day, “nobody knows.”

    What he fails to realize is that it was not nutritionists advocating low-fat diets in the 90s, low-carb diets a few years back, or trying to push ridiculous diets like food combining or “eat for your blood type”. These diets have all been created by people with no nutrition credentials, or understanding of the field.

    It was always nutritionists who came out and said, “It just comes down to calories. If you are interested in losing weight, rather than eating a block of Swiss cheese and 2 pounds of ham but avoiding oatmeal, just have half of your ham and Swiss sandwich for lunch and save the rest for dinner.”

    The cause for the rising obesity problem in the United S
    tates is very well-known: people are consuming more calories and burning less of them.

    Portion sizes in this country have been expanding at alarming rates over the past two decades (which, incidentally, will be the topic of the next issue of the Small Bites newsletter). For Kevin Trudeau to say that “no one really knows” what causes obesity is not only misleading, but also untrue.

    Chapter 1 is just the beginning of Trudeau’s gutsy claims. This weekend, we’ll take a closer look at some of the statements in Chapter 2 that had me shaking my head and furiously scribbling on the page margins.



    1. Anonymous said on May 26th, 2007

      While I agree with your comments about the supposed “cure” for mitral valve prolapse, I assure you that beta blockers, the commonly prescribed drug to control the arrhythmia associated with MVP, may and commonly do have serious side effects, including memory loss and change in personality. Physicians acknowledge that our knowledge of the human brain is not comprehensive and the effect of beta blockers on an individual can not be predicted. Many persons treated for MVP have switched drugs numerous times due to adverse side effects. As far as your comments on calorie counting being the key to weight loss, I encourage you to do more research. Even consumer reports acknowledges the effectiveness of the low carb diet, albeit the difficulty of adhering to it. You bash Trudeau, but you are in fact guilty of the same practices.

    2. jamie said on May 26th, 2007

      ahhh..so glad to have found your post, though I wish I would’ve found it back in November, when I watched one of Mr. Trudeau’s informercials and called to order the books. In my defense, I had never heard of him, knew nothing about his past/background or that he was a scam artist. I just thought it would be good to have more information about natural cures instead of pills and such.

      Needless to say, this was a horrible mistake…I never even read a word of his books (I got rid of them the day they came) but what I was left with was a $5.95 monthly fee from my bank account for a newsletter that was showing up at my house, even though I had gone through their steps of cancelling it before it even came… anyway, about a month ago I was finally freed of this slime ball of a man by getting my bank to realize they were fradulent charges.. Ugh what a mess though…keep shouting it from the rooftops about this guy to that more people will hear about him!!!

    3. Anonymous said on March 4th, 2008

      What is funny about this blog, just like Kevin’s book is it is all based on opinion. And, I am assuming whoever wrote this blog did not do there research…The blood typing diet was indeed written, researched, and based on scientific experiments done by chinese doctors, although you may not see them as nutitionally based because they are of “Eastern” philosophy, these people have an extensive nutritional and medical back ground that is just differnet than the western worlds. This blog is as much a quack as anything else…do your research. Nobody can tell you what to do for yourself, but YOU need to decide what you want in your body and what you don’t. I personally have chosen to eat only organic, I have chosen to not take pharmaceuticals…choose for yourself by doing your own research. What works for one person may not work for another, but the best thing to do is be well informed.

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