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  • Sharing? Don’t Stop Caring!

    1208967775-33929_fullChili’s Grill & Bar is currently offering a “3 courses for $20″ special that allows patrons to “split a starter, choose [their own] entree, and share a dessert.”

    Sounds like the key to a low-cal lunch, right?  Not when you consider the calorie, saturated fat, and sodium bombs on the menu.

    Below are three possible combinations from the available appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

    Remember, these calculations are per person for a shared appetizer, a non-shared entree, and a shared dessert.

    Option #1: Splitting a Half Order of Texas Cheese Fries, Eating a Mesquite Chicken Salad, and Sharing a Slice of Cheesecake

    • 2,010 calories
    • 55 grams saturated fat (almost three days’ worth)
    • 4,160 milligrams of sodium (one and a half days’ worth)

    Option #2: Splitting Bottomless Chips With Salsa, Eating A Quesadilla Explosion Salad, and Sharing a Slice of Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie

    (Note: I was benevolent and assumed only one basket of bottomless chips was consumed)

    • 2,070 calories
    • 41.5 grams saturated fat (slightly more than two days’ worth)
    • 4,305 milligrams of sodium (almost two days’ worth)

    Option #3: Splitting a Skillet Queso Appetizer, Eating A Bacon Burger (Without Sides), and Sharing a Slice of Molten Chocolate Cake

    • 2,065 calories
    • 50.5 grams saturated fat (two and a half days’ worth)
    • 4,115 milligrams of sodium (one and a half days’ worth)

    Let’s put this into context:

    • Each of these ‘combo meals’ provides the amount of calories a 38-year-old, 5’8″, 140 pound, moderately active female needs in an entire day
    • On average, each of these meals contains as much saturated fat as an entire pint of Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream
    • On average, each of these meals packs in only 100 fewer calories than FOUR Big Macs
    • You would need to eat ELEVEN slices of a Domino’s 12″ cheese pizza to match the average amount of sodium in each of these meals

    The floor is now open for comments.



    1. Christine said on August 31st, 2009

      I am really enjoying your website, Andy. This is really eye-opening. I knew this stuff was less than ideal to say the least but I had no idea how caloric and fat and sodium laden these meals are.

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