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Someone Didn’t Get The Trans Fat Memo…

totinosOver the past few years, food companies scrambled to remove trans fat from as many of their products as possible (or, at the very least, get it below 0.5 grams per serving so the nutrition label can display a shopper-friendly, yet deceptive, zero.)

The folks at General Mills, however, took a different route with their Totino/Jeno’s line of frozen pizzas.

Three years ago, they  tacked on additional trans fat to their product by replacing real cheese with a synthetic-and-real-cheese combo.

As a result, a single serve frozen “Crisp ‘n Tasty” cheese pizza packs in SIX grams of trans fat.  The Supreme variety, meanwhile, contributes 4.5 grams of trans fat to your day.

Remember, trans fat guidelines call for as minimal consumption as possible (preferrably, zero grams a day).  Looser guidelines cap daily intake at a mere two grams.

Food companies’ use of trans fat is not about improving taste (New York City fast food consumers were unable to tell a difference once the trans fat ban went into effect).  It’s simply about cost reduction.



  1. susan said on May 30th, 2009

    So annoying. I looked at the nutrition on every single pizza in the frozen case at my local supermarket. The only one I found that didn’t have partially hydrogenated fat listed were the store brand organic pizza!

    Same with the pizza crusts you can buy — even the whole wheat Boboli had partially hydrogenated something on the list. I ended up buying a white crust (store brand organic) because it was the only one that had a short ingredient list with no hydrogenated fat on the list of ingredients.

  2. Andy Bellatti said on May 30th, 2009

    What a shame. For pizza crusts without partially hydrogenated oils, I HIGHLY recommend Trader Joe’s 100% Whole Grain or Rustic Crust 100% whole grain organic crust (you can click here to see if it is sold where you live:

    Also, Kashi frozen pizzas are trans-fat free.

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