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The Numbers Are In!

143230_dominoslogoLast week I told you about Domino’s Bread Bowl Pastas: your choice of penee entree (including three-cheese mac and cheese) inside a bowl comprised of Domino’s pizza crust.

At that time, calorie information was not available on the Domino’s website, and the four calls I made to their corporate headquarters garnered apologies from customer service representatives for not knowing that particular piece of information, and promises of it being available “soon.”

Alas, Small Bites reader Eleonora Roversi alerted me to the appearance of this product’s calorie values.

As I predicted in my original post, we are looking at four-digit calorie values for each of these bread bowls!

The chicken alfredo bowl, for example, clocks in at:

  • 1400 calories
  • Slightly over a day’s worth of saturated fat
  • 90% of a day’s worth of sodium

Then there’s the chicken carbomania carbonara, which adds up to:

  • 1,480 calories
  • 120% of a day’s worth of saturated fat
  • 96% of a day’s worth of sodium
  • Two thirds of the daily carbohydrate recommendation

My next prediction: Domino’s pasta bread bowls will go the way of blue ketchup and New Coke.



  1. Anna said on April 29th, 2009

    I had the Chicken Carbonara today.. precisely because of the “free” factor, and the uniqueness of the product. I purposely avoided breakfast (today only), grabbed the bowl and had half for lunch and half for dinner. I can say the bowl was the best part.. I was a bit sickened after eating the pasta.. very dense and creamy.

  2. Marie said on April 29th, 2009

    I can’t believe that it has now gotten to the point where they’re serving pasta in a bread bowl….I’m speechless!

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