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    Who Said It?: Reveal

    fat-flush“Cranberry juice works on cellulite because … the flavonoids in the fruit improve the strength and integrity of connective tissue and help keep your lymphatic system working smoothly.”

    This apparent miracle cure comes courtesy of Ann Louise Gittleman, author of The Fat Flush Plan.

    Touting cranberry juice as a cure for cellulite falls into two categories — 1) promoting unrealistic expectations, and 2) misunderstanding the physiology behind the development of cellulite.

    Cellulite is basically a surface-skin visual manifestation of what is happening at a deeper level.

    As fat cells increase in size or number, they begin to push up against connective tissue that connects skin to muscle tissue.  Women are much more susceptible to developing cellulite because their connective tissue is able to handle less fat accumulation than that of men.

    Ironically, when this connective tissue is too tight, cellulite development increases since fat cells relentlessly push against it.  Men’s connective tissue is more elastic, which is why it is very rare for them to develop cellulite, even when several hundred pounds overweight.

    The most significant factors behind the development of cellulite are hormonal levels and genes.  This is why some women develop cellulite despite a healthful diet and consistent physical activity.

    Of course, many women can help delay the development and/or severity of cellulite by maintaining a healthy weight, limiting sodium and refined carbohydrates (both of these encourage water retention and can make existing cellulite more noticeable), and remaining physically active.


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