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    World Premiere of my Animated Short: “Drinking The Kool-Aid”

    d65fee70-30e9-11e0-95de-003048d69c21_55A rainy Saturday in Seattle (a rarity, I know) led to this — a 5-minute short that I think reflects the dangers of drinking “the dietary Kool-Aid”, so to speak.

    From Big Food cereals and protein-obsessed personal trainers to fat phobia and diet pills, what we have here is the confusion so many Americans develop due to the sheer number of conflicting and often erroneous messages about nutrition.

    And, of course, I couldn’t help but sling a few sarcastic arrows at some pop culture faves.  Enjoy!



    1. cameo said on February 7th, 2011

      Love it.

    2. Carol Plotkin said on February 16th, 2011

      This is awesome! People are so fooled by glamour and glitz that they will throw common sense out the window (if they ever had any to begin with). My own mother would rather listen to Dr. Oz and Oprah than her daughter (me), who has been living and breathing nutrition for the past 20 years (more if I count before I became a dietitian). You especially gotta love those people who know almost nothing about nutrition and hold forth as if they do, just because they eat! Well done Andy, bravo!

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