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    You Ask, I Answer: Are Frozen Fruits & Vegetables Pre-Cooked?

    product_185I heard that all frozen fruits and vegetables are cooked at really high temperatures before being frozen.

    Does this result in a lot of nutrient losses?

    — Patricia (Last name withheld)
    Los Angeles, CA


    First of all, keep in mind that there is no set standard when it comes to processing fruits and vegetables prior to freezing them; the steps differ from company to company.

    Most frozen vegetables are blanched, which is basically boiling a food for a very short period of time (think: seconds).  This helps provide vibrant colors, make for slightly more palatable flavor, and results in minimal nutrient losses (boiling exposes foods to water for longer periods of time, so nutrient losses are more significant than with blanching).

    In the case of fruits, I have never heard, for instance, of berries being blanched.  I know some companies will occasionally blanch other fruits, though.

    There is no reason to be concerned about this.  To me, buying canned or dried fruit with added sugars or artificial colors is much more troubling.


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