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You Ask, I Answer: Calcium Supplements

1779509845.JpegI just noticed that there are different kinds of calcium supplements!

Today at the store I saw some that had calcium carbonate and some that were made from calcium citrate.  Which one is better?

Thank you so much for this blog.  I read it every day and have learned so much!

– Elizabeth Tackan
Woodbury, NJ

Thank you for your support, Elizabeth.  And thank you for your question!

Both calcium citrate and calcium carbonate supplements are adequate.

For optimal absorption, though, take calcium citrate on an empty stomach and calcium carbonate with meals.

Remember, too, that our bodies can only absorb 500 milligrams at a time.

If you are looking to supplement 800 milligrams, take one 400 milligram pill in the morning and another at night.


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