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    You Ask, I Answer: Doughnuts

    Is there any [nutritional] difference between regular doughnuts and cake doughnuts?

    — Melissa Yeats
    Boston, MA


    Cake doughnuts usually contain 30 to 50 percent more total — and saturated! — fat than regular (yeast-based) doughnuts.

    As a result, these cake-like pastries usually provide anywhere from 50 to 100 more calories than their yeast-based counterparts.

    This reminds me — don’t feel too safe ordering Dunkin’ Donuts munchkins. Some of them pack quite a punch.

    Example? Four glazed chocolate cake munchkins add up to 300 calories.

    That same amount of jelly-filled yeast-based munchkins provides a more reasonable 192 calories.


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