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    You Ask, I Answer: Fruit Always with Protein?

    BNut - 1072542 - Bananas & NutsThe other day I was reading an article in a magazine at my dentist’s office which recommended always eating fruit with some sort of protein.  Does that make nutritional sense?

    — Rob (Last name withheld)
    New York, NY

    Yes and no.

    From a blood sugar standpoint, it’s certainly a recommended guideline.

    Since fruit tends to increase blood sugar levels rather quickly, it is often recommended to patients with diabetes (and even pre-diabetes) to not only eat fruit in its whole form (which also provides fiber, which also helps keeps control blood sugar levels) but also accompany it with a high-protein food.

    For someone without blood sugar concerns, though, having a banana or some apple slices by themselves are not something I would caution against.  Of course, the addition of protein to that fruit snack would definitely help in terms of providing satiety for a longer period of time.


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