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    You Ask, I Answer: Garlic Powder

    320620bAre the health benefits associated with cooking with fresh garlic the same as when substituting garlic powder?

    – Guy Betterbid
    New York, NY

    Garlic powder offers some, but not all, of the health benefits associated with fresh garlic.

    A lot of garlic’s healthful properties come from its plentiful (and aromatic, to say the least) sulfur-containing compounds, many of which are lost when garlic is processed into powder.

    Two more important tidbits about garlic and health:

    1. Elephant garlic offers significantly lower levels of these sulfur-containing compounds
    2. Garlic cloves with green centers have also lost a good portion of their healthful properties (even more so if the actual bulb is sprouting those green shoots!)

    One Comment

    1. Cindy Marsch said on May 1st, 2010

      Do you recapture any of the good garlic substances if you consume the green shoot, or is it all used up in the sprouting process?

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