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You Ask, I Answer: Goat Milk

gleniskgoatsmilkI’ve heard that drinking goat milk and eating goat products is a good alternative for people that are lactose intolerant.

I’ve also heard people claim that eating those products has helped clear up seasonal allergies.

What is it about goat milk that makes it milder than cow milk?

– Antoinette M.
Austin, TX

Goat milk contains slightly less lactose than cow’s milk, but the difference is not sufficient to make it anywhere near lactose-free or even lactose-intolerant-friendly.

How come, then, people who can not tolerate cow’s milk can drink goat’s milk with no issues?  There are three likely scenarios:

  1. They are not lactose intolerant, but rather allergic to a particular type of casein protein found in cow’s milk that is missing from goat’s milk.
  2. They are not lactose intolerant, but rather allergic to agglutinin, another protein found in cow’s milk that is not in goat’s milk.
  3. Those people are neither lactose intolerant or allergic to agglutinin.  However, since a lack of agglutinin results in fat globules not being able to clump together, it makes goat’s milk easier to digest for many individuals.

As far as goat’s milk and seasonal allergies, I have never heard of such a link.  Truthfully, I can’t theorize how that mechanism would work.


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