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    You Ask, I Answer: Nutrients in Seitan

    51rh64MddTL._SS280_I have a question about wheat gluten- (also known as”wheat meat” or seitan).

    I haven’t been able to find any nutritional content information regarding this type of meatless product. What are the calorie and protein content?  What about B vitamin information?

    Also, I found a blog which stated seitan contains fiber?  Where would the fiber come from?

    — Chelsea Wynn
    (Location Unknown)

    A three-ounce serving (visual reference: a deck of cards) of seitan provides:

    • 90 calories
    • 1 gram of fat
    • 3 grams of carbohydrates
    • 18 grams of protein

    It also contains a small amount of iron and phosphorus, and a fair share of selenium.

    Since seitan is pure gluten, it does not contain any fiber or B vitamins.  The only exception to this rule would be if someone’s home recipe for it also includes whole wheat flour.  Even then, though, the amount would be minimal and would not make that particular batch of seitan high in fiber or B vitamins.

    I have seen much confusion over seitan all over the Internet.  I have seen it referred to as a soy product (it is not), high in fiber (absolutely not), and even an excellent source of vitamin E (in no way, shape, or form).

    PS: When buying commercial varieties of seitan (which are commonly marinated in soy sauce), I recommend a 30-second rinse under cold, running water to lower sodium levels.


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