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    You Ask, I Answer: Octopus & Squid

    octopusTwo of my favorite proteins are octopus and squid.  I rarely ever read or hear anything about their nutritional profiles.

    Can you enlighten me?

    — Paul (last name withheld)
    San Clemente, CA

    The United States consumes a lot less seafood than many other countries, and that is especially the case with these two mollusks.  In Japan, Portugal, and Spain, however, octopus is as common as canned tuna.

    A 3-ounce serving of cooked octopus delivers:

    • 139 calories
    • 2 grams of fat (of which none are saturated)
    • 240 milligrams of sodium
    • 25 grams protein
    • 510% of the Daily Value of vitamin B12
    • 45% of the Daily Value of iron
    • 11% of the Daily Value of vitamin C

    Just so you get an idea, a 3-ounce serving of chicken breast delivers five percent of the Daily Value of B12 and iron!  In fact, on an ounce-by-ounce basis, octopus packs in four times as much iron as — and 20 times the B12 of — beef.

    When simply grilled, squid has similar caloric and fat values to octopus.  However, squid offers less sodium and protein.  Squid is also void of any vitamin C and contains a substantially lower amount of iron and vitamin B12, but is home to 90% of a day’s worth of copper.

    The main issue with squid is that most people consume it in a breaded and deep fried form (calamari), which they then dip into sauces high in fat and sodium.


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