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You Ask, I Answer: Raw Chicken Food Labels

When you buy a package of uncooked chicken breasts, it has the calorie amount for four ounces of chicken. Is this cooked or uncooked chicken?

— Suzanna (via the blog)

The nutrition information listed on raw chicken breasts is for the uncooked product.

This is where consumers have to do some extra math.

Even though you are buying a four ounce chicken breast, you are eating less — approximately two and a half or three ounces — due to water lost during the cooking process.

This isn’t so much the United States Department of Agriculture being misleading as much as it is them being unable to guess how people will be cooking their raw chicken.

Not only does the final weight of a chicken breast vary on cooking times and methods, so does the caloric content.

Grilling does not add extra calories, but sauteeing chicken breast in a tablespoon of olive oil adds an additional 120.


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