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You Ask, I Answer: Serving Sizes

I looked at the nutrition label for Jif To Go and now I am extremely confused.

The label lists two serving sizes.

One is for the whole cup, [which contains] 390 calories.

The [other serving size is for] “1/2 cup (32g)” which has 190 calories.

Okay, fine. But then I look at the regular standard jar of Jif peanut butter, and its label says:”2 Tablespoons(32g)=190 calories.”

[What I can't understand] is how, according to these two labels, a half cup of peanut butter weighs as much as two tablespoons?

– Corey Clark
(location withheld)

Ah, good ol’ serving size puzzles.

Let’s work this one out.

The “1 cup” mentioned on the Jif-to-Go food label is not a literal 1 cup measurement, but rather refers to container (AKA “cup”) of Jif-to-Go, which contains four tablespoons of peanut butter.

In other words, one Jif to Go cup (notice my wording — it is very different from saying “a cup of Jif To Go”) contains a quarter cup of peanut butter.

Therefore, half a container of Jif To Go offers the standard two-tablespoon serving you see on peanut butter jars.

Dizzy yet?


One Comment

  1. Corey said on January 16th, 2009

    This is the second worst labeling trick I’ve ever seen. The worst was a banana muffin. I glanced at the label and saw 200 calories. Decent breakfast. I eat the thing, tastes great. Look back at the label: “Serving size=1/2 muffin” WHAT? I just ate 400 calories without realizing it? And who eats half a freaking muffin?

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